The Best Tea Production From Africa

Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa aligned east coast of the Indian ocean with the best collections of tea production from Africa. The country is named after the union of two states; Tanganyika (Mainland) and Zanzibar (Island) to form Tanzania. Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere and Abed Amani Karume are well remembered as the ancestors of the states since they agreed to form a permanent union. It happened on 26th April 1964. The country is covered by water bodies almost everywhere. These include Lake Victoria, Tanganyika, Nyasa, Manyara, and others.

The country has a lot of wonders, national parks, game reserves, and much more to witness. Zanzibar herself is the place where everyone wishes to visit and see the beauty of the Island. Tanzania has a warm, tropical climate, with seasonal patterns of precipitation. Some of the countries have a single wet and dry season, whereas other regions have two distinct rainy seasons.

The Best Tea Production from Africa

Tanzania is one of the most important tea-producing countries in Africa, and also borders Kenya and Malawi, two other major African tea-growing countries. Most of Tanzania’s tea simply called ‘Chai’ in Swahili is exported in bulk as raw products but some major tea companies in Tanzania have distinguished themselves for the quality of their products. These are Chai Bora and Afri Tea & Coffee Blenders. They have made a great change by sourcing, blending, and branding tea. Simply, the best tea production from Africa is dominated by Tanzania.

Tea farming in Tanzania

Tea was first cultivated by German colonizers in 1902 on a very small scale. Commercial cultivation of tea began in the 1920s by the British. After Tanzania was granted independence from Britain, its new government nationalized most of the tea factories and some tea estates. This had very bad consequences for the tea industry in Tanzania. The government decided to handle the production into the private sector as a rescue mission.

Currently, local companies blend tea products that can compete with any brand of products around the World. They produce bold, well-twisted leaves, in shades of olive green, produce a yellow jade liquor with a bright, broth aroma. A product with refreshing character is well balanced with a rich buttery mouth feel and sweet hay notes. The finished product is clean and satisfying.

These companies blend a collection of tea products such as black tea, green tea, and other indigenous products mixed with spices such as ginger, camomile, cardamom, cinnamon, hibiscus, clove, lemongrass, vanilla, and others to ensure the aroma and refreshing products. All these raw products are naturally produced in the country to make the best tea production from Africa brand. Actually, the companies are able to deliver the best tea production from Africa available in Tanzania. Tea from Tanzania is largely sourced from five main areas. These are Kagera, Tanga, Iringa, Mbeya, and Njombe regions. The regions have climatic conditions that favor the growth of tea.

How to Process Tea from the farm to the cup?

Most areas in the country have the same way of processing tea since they all grow the best tea production from Africa. Tea leaves are harvested from farms mostly by women. They use their hands to pick a few fresh and new leaves on top of plants and put them into their baskets made by using bamboo trees. The collected tea leaves are transported from the farm to the industries within a short time before they wear out or lose their natural state. Most of the time harvesting activity is done during the morning.

Some processes are conducted in the industries to produce a perfect product of tea leaves. These include withering, bruising (for black tea), twisting, oxidation, roasting, frying or boiling, and finally drying to reduce moisture and increase shelf life. In the end, the product is paced into various packages ready for sale.

The following are some of the products of black tea blend you may need to try:

Kilimanjaro Tea Premium Blend
Kilimanjaro Tea English Breakfast
African Pride Tea Luxury Blend
African Pride Chai Masala
Chai Bora Premium Tea Blend
Chai Bora Supreme Tea Blend
Chai Bora Luxury Tea Blend
Chai Bora Organic Highlands Black tea

Tea is a generator of wealth and employment in rural areas and supports the well-being of over 50,000 families in Tanzania. The product is highly sold in the UK, European countries, Asian and American Markets. Are you looking for the best tea from Africa? Tanzania is among the producers of the best tea from Africa. For that reason, Fumbalo Store is not selling just tea. We are selling the best tea products from Africa.

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